Author Topic: Advanced Sanctioning System (or Warning/Ban System)  (Read 532 times)

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Advanced Sanctioning System (or Warning/Ban System)
« on: March 26, 2019, 12:28:51 PM »
Subject: [PAID] Advanced Sanctioning System (or Warning/Ban System)

I am willing to pay, but will need an estimate to see if the cost is within my budget. As for paying for upgrades to future versions of smf--what might that entail? It will be important that it be compatible with upgrades.

Currently on 2.0.15, but will upgrade to the latest when necessary

My needs are not limited to the features listed below—they are what I could think of, but other features may be beneficial—so if anyone wants to add ideas, please do so.
My forum has recently gone through a problem with bullying and I instated a Code of Conduct and Sanctioning Policy.
The default warning and ban system is not advanced enough for what we need to properly track offenders and protect our members. We need to be able to view a list of those at various levels within warning and probationary statuses as well as see history. We also need to be able to set specific times for each level.
I am partially basing my system on that set up at the MarriageAdvocate Forum—not an smf forum, so I don’t know how they do it. Some of what they do seems confusing, so I’m not following their system precisely, just the idea of it. Their Moderator’s Manual (long read) has a description of their Penalthy System.

Moderators (I created a moderator group that may not be the default moderator title), Admins

Feature Set
The first two in the list may be part of other systems and thus not part of a Sanctioning System Mod, but will be helpful.
  • Registration Agreement—TOS/Code of Conduct: Has I Agree check boxes at various points.
  • A pop-up notice on log-in after policy changes—with an I have read or I agree checkbox—must check to be able to login.
  • Warning and Ban systems as a single system
  • A timeline feature—not predetermined times, but something that gives the moderator the ability to be specific—in days, weeks or months for all levels—warning, moderation, time-out (temporary ban), probation…and monitoring? It would be great if a small calendar could pop-up for us to select a time period and a few set dates as well—3 and 6-month options. Some features multilevel or cascading i.e. moderation of set period followed by a probation of a set period.
    Bonus feature: the time left for their status could be shown on a user’s profile
  • Users on Time-Out (Temporary Ban) cannot PM, I would like them to be able to PM moderators and admins.
  • Warning/Ban List: sortable and shows history/expired warnings/bans
  • Warning/Ban History access from profile
  • Ability for moderator to flag and remove from public view inappropriate posts that needs to be edited by the author. Allow for a longer open editing time by the author—set per instance by a moderator (board default is a very short window). Then the post goes to moderation for approval before it can be public. If not edited within the set period (24-72 hours I think) a moderator may then edit and make it public or delete it. Ability to select multiple posts for this status if necessary and they will be linked to the warning/notice sent to the author.
    Show the author the time left until editing is closed.
  • Make this easy for my mods to use... maybe a few ways to get into the system--via a user's profile, a button on a post or thread--sometimes the thread rather than a single post may be the problem.
  • advanced tracking—the above features may cover this

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Re: Advanced Sanctioning System (or Warning/Ban System)
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2019, 01:13:39 PM »
Not for anything, but you are aware anybody can easily circumvent the coded time out features using a proxy. That is of course if they are that determined to be a PITA.