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Lagging again

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Sir Osis of Liver:
Just got a 16 sec pageload. >:(  It's been doing this intermittently for about a week.

Yeah... I've also experienced issues again the past week or so. Not a 16 second one, but still.

It seems to come up in "waves"... everything works fine, then all of a sudden, you get lags for about half an hour, then everything is fine again for about an hour or two, and then lags again.

These things happen. Don't be too concerned about it.

Here in the UK it's been fine, for the past couple of weeks, for me.

Getting worse, this site is really bad tonight.

Page created in 25.065 seconds with 9 queries.

Page created in 29.81 seconds with 9 queries.

Page created in 25.558 seconds with 9 queries.

Sir Osis of Liver:
Very bad yesterday, working fine today.


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