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A note and update about customizations support

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Hello fellow SMFers!

As it recently came to our attention, I would like to make a small update and clarification over our rules regarding support of mods and themes.

While giving support for your themes and mods is something we encourage, it is not obligatory. If you do not have the time for support (or have other reasons to not wish to provide support), then you definitely can still have your themes and mods up on the customization site! Providing support for customizations will not be required by the SMF team. In fact, we are considering adding a tag to indicate a customization is unsupported, so that both users and authors can make better use of the customization site. As a user, this would let you know what to expect of a mod/theme's support from the author.

We will now also be allowing lite versions (that have a paid version), as well as customizations that have paid support elsewhere to choose whether they wish to support their customization or not. Note that this does not affect our rules for approval otherwise, and lite versions should still be functional on their own.

We appreciate the time and effort that authors put into making customizations, and we hope that this will help authors to have more of their work up on the customization site for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you & team for the info :) I hope this will increase the activity on customization site based on the situation.

Indeed, it gives me something to do over the next few days.


--- Quote from: Arantor on April 11, 2019, 01:54:31 PM ---Indeed, it gives me something to do over the next few days.

--- End quote ---

<3, It will be nice to see your mods back on site.

I also have a new mod in the works. Just wish that I could get some of my old ones back from vbgamer...


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