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yabb 2.6.1

Started by alans, July 01, 2021, 07:10:41 PM

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I'm becoming quite desperate to convert my fairly large forum. Nothing seems to work.... the converter just sits there after the first process. I have been unable to install php 5.1 and am wondering is anyone has some advice as php has moved on quite  a bit..  I have 1151512 posts within 73038 topics. and 6.5k members..  I stuck it out hoping yabb would come out with a databased version but have given up. hahhaha Ive also read every file on here and tried many of the suggestions... thanks. Alan


This looks like it would be a huge job. I wish I could help some how. I'm sure someone with knowledge on this will be around soon. Good luck with it all. :)


Ill just keep trying and will report if I resolve the problems..  :laugh: