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How do I delete themes from theme site?

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I have three 2.1 RC1 Curve variant themes I submitted to the theme site nearly a month ago.  Now they are clearly out of date with the release of RC2.  I no longer wish to submit these themes.

How does one go about deleting them please? Clicking edit, I see check boxes for the files, but can't see a delete button for the rest of it.

Iirc, the is no such option

A little frustrating how the unread list keeps resetting between different browsers, I didn't see this.

But to leave this here for future reference anyway, you can send a PM to the Customization Team or a Cust team member for things like that :)

Thanks.  As they were just colour variants of the Curve2 theme they got turned down anyway, which coincidently I found out from the Customisation team only this evening.  With that in mind, I'd imagine they will get deleted anyway. 

I'll just share them from my own sites, should I wish to do so in the future.  ;)

Why not update them to rc2 and select the version?


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