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Hi all,

I am writing this as I am finding very difficult to find a member of 'Forum Staff' i.e. 'Moderators'.

As mosty of you know after a certain amount of time we cannot edit our own posts. I have a post that I desperately need editing as it's got the wrong info in it.

I have so far approached 2 members of staff, one has kindly replied saying he can't do what I asked and as I only sent the other PM earlier today I don't expect a reply yet.

Is there a location where a list of the moderators for the site can be found please?

Below is the deatils of the post I would like editing if there is someone out there that can do it for me it would be much appreciated.

The member of staff who has not replied yet is Steve;u=353400, I'm saying this just incase he reads this and he's not allowed to do it either.

Here is the post info replace the existing text in the post with the text below please?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help



--- Quote --- For all those following this thread, I have found the images folder for the quizzes. I have now added this to the download.

        There is a database table included, which will add categories for you also, but only use this on a fresh install, unless you know a way to merge the new table with your existing table. (If you don't merge them you might mess up your exisiting setup, so please be warned)

        If anyone wants to see what the quiz looks like on SMF 2.0.15 then go to the 'Site' link below. It's a test site for the quiz only and guests can see it and go through the categories etc but the games cannot actually be played.

        The reason I did this is to give everyone an idea of what the questions/images/categories all look like before deciding if they want to install it on their own site. Please also note that this is a fresh install on SMF 2.0.15, using the default theme, and has no other mods installed and there were no errors on installation, so if you go ahead and see install failures then it will probably be because the files it's trying to modify have already been changed by other mods. I cannot help you with any install failures.

        A brief walkthrough for the way I installed it all;

        1. Upload the quiz mod and install.
        2. Extract the file downloaded from my host.
        3. Find 'Themes/default/images/quiz_images/Questions'
        4. Upload all the images in the extracted 'Questions' folder on your PC to the site 'Questions' folder and do the same for the 'Quizes' folders to.
        5. Access your database tables and delete the 'smf_quiz_category' table. (I use PhpMyAdmin in my cPanel to do this, yours might be different)
        6. Now open 'Quiz Category table.txt' file with something like NotePad++ and copy everything
        7. Now go back to your database and 'Run SQL query on database' and add the copied table, then click on OK to run the query...this should add those tables to your database. What that will do is add the 'Categories' (including the images) to the quiz.
        8. Now go into the 'Quiz Admin' go to 'Quiz Importer' and start to add the quizzes that are in the *.xml files in the main 'QuizPackagesUpdated05.05.19' folder.

        Once you have added the quizzes they should automatically be added to the correct Category and the whole things should look like my test site.

        I hope that helps some of you to get this Quiz up and running on your sites.
--- End quote ---

so you want to modify the first post of that topic? I assume you can log into the account that made that mod. if so modify the description of the mod and the first post will be auto updated.

you can always use the report to moderator function.

if you are not the author of the mod, then we should not modify someone else's post with your content.

Hi Illori

No I would like the last post edited please...or at least it was the last post about an hour ago. I have put a link to the post to be edited in my original post in this thread

I see a link to the topic, I don't see any link to the post you want modified. it might be easier for everyone involved if you just use the report to moderation function and ask for the post to be modified.

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
In general, reporting the post in question would be easier for everyone. You reach all staff fast, avoid confusion on which post is in question, and the staff can discuss it privately if they see a need for it.


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