Author Topic: Allowing a single user to post on a thread - read only for all others  (Read 629 times)

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This may not be something I can do without a mod, but I wanted to check first.

We are having a problem with a user who is very reactive when people post to her with advice she does not want to apply--pretty much all advice. This is getting tiring for all those trying to help and some of them are helping to incite her even more now.
My moderator team and I have wished people would just stop posting to her because this is feeding her need for attention...but it's like watching a train wreck where you think you can maybe prevent it or lessen the impact. People can't stay away and they can't keep themselves from posting. I get that.

I want to know if we can restrict posting access to everyone but the thread starter and moderators for a single chosen thread. It can be read only for others or just lock it if there is a way to still give the thread starter posting access.
Any advice would be appreciated. If it can't be done, I will add it to the feature requests for a Sanctioning System Mod.

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this cannot be done by default. I also don't see this as a feature that would be added to SMF by default. you would be best to request a mod to be created.

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I believe it may be possible using a combination of board and group permissions but if you do not want them to know or make it just for a specific thread then it will require custom coding.

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Thanks...both of you. This is what I thought and this is definitely way too specific to be a default feature. I already have a mod request and got no responses, but it's for a full sanctioning system with multiple features, so I've figured it will need to be a paid job. I'll just add this to my list of desired features.

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As noted, you can set this as a board level permissions profile by using two specific permissions.
Post new topics, without requiring approval (checked)
Post replies to topics, without requiring approval
   Own topic: (checked)
   Any topic: (unchecked)

This would allow anyone in a group with these settings to start a new topic
- and anyone in a group with these settings would not be able to respond to another person's topic, but would be able to reply to their own.
Obviously, if you wanted to allow moderators, etc to reply, then just change the unchecked setting to checked for those membergroups.

it is NOT possible to apply this to a single thread or a thread by a specific user.
(permissions are board and group level, not thread and user level)

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Might not be too difficult to do as a one-off, there wouldn't be any admin ui.  You want any topic posted by a specific user to be locked for everyone except that user and admins/mods?
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As an interim solution.

is it likely that in the absence of replies from others this person would continue posting in a thread they've started; or are they only reacting to other people's responses?

Might just be best to lock her threads and be done with it.
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