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Started by Mick., May 17, 2019, 10:37:53 AM

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PersonalMessage.template.php is a file i've never ventured in before. Let me pick your brain for a sec, lately i've been getting PM's by folks that want support and we all know we ignore them since that's why we have support boards. I've been wanting to add a warning message when users want to send me (admin, user#1) PM. Some simple text like: "Please do not PM for support, blah blah blah".

Question is, i can't use if ($context['user']['is_admin']) i would be the only who reads it. Then i thought using member id but that too confuses me. How would i go about the message i want to display is towards me and me only when users want to PM me?

Any help much appreciated, M.


The easiest way would be in here.... adding a simple text but everyone would read it when they message each other. Which is not so bad either. Please do not contact author for support, use article system blah blah

// Main message editing box.
echo '
<div class="cat_bar">
<h3 class="catbg">
<span class="ie6_header floatleft"><img src="', $settings['images_url'], '/icons/im_newmsg.gif" alt="', $txt['new_message'], '" title="', $txt['new_message'], '" />&nbsp;', $txt['new_message'], '</span>

<div>Some warning text can be placed here</div>


The question becomes displaying something if not admin, right?

if (!$context['user']['is_admin']) {
   // stuff goes here for non admins


he wants if the to line has the admin user then it shows x message.


Ooh, good luck with that, that's basically hell to implement.


Thank you guys... I went with something much simpler. At first i wanted the message when people PM me, not each other.  But now i have it where everyone reads the message regardless who are they PMing.


echo '
<dl id="post_header">';

Add after:

        echo '
                                <div class="pm-warning">Please, do not contact the author for support. Instead, reply to articles so others can also find the answer. Regards, The idesignSMF team.</div>';


.pm-warning {
   background-color: #2ecc71;
   width: 100%;
   color: #ffffff;
   font-size: 18px;
   line-height: 22px;
   text-align: center;
   padding: 15px;
   display: block;
   margin-bottom: 20px;


Quote from: Arantor on May 17, 2019, 11:04:35 AM
Ooh, good luck with that, that's basically hell to implement.
hahhaa that's what i thought. No worries brother, I went the easy way.