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search results are being redirected

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When doing a google or bing search for my website, the domain comes up #1, but it's redirected to a pharmaceutical website.
Is this due to my domain/hosting?
Or is there something that's gotten embedded into my SMF software??


sounds like you may have a hack...
either of your forum.... (do you get the same redirect when you access the forum URL directly?)
or malware on your computer (do you get the same redirect if you use a different computer or a different browser?)

SMF version?

Mods installed?
What is your URL?

Forum version: SMF 1.1.21

direct url access if fine (

I've tried different browsers, and the searches all do the same (GoDaddy rep had same results and told me to do a security scan, which found nothing...)

Mods:  SimplePortal
see attached file for complete list (although not all are used...)

Biology Forums:
I think your website is fine, but your browser is the problem. You may have to remove some viruses off your computer.

I'm making this assumption based on your website loading fine at my neck of the woods

His site is infected. I tried on my end from google search and I get redirected to spapillsonline dot com


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