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What happened to charter membership?

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Hey, I just noticed that my Charter membership isn't showing up anymore, even though it's autorenewing (last billing 9/4/18). Should I PM you, CoreISP?

please do. -edit- redacted for privacy

OK, I sent a PM. I am showing repeating payments on that date as far back as my records show, so I know they've actually been going through. (I hope this is easy to straighten out, as I now realize I have been paying but not needing charter support for at least 4 years, so it would be a bummer to not get it when I do need it. But I guess a good sign that I haven't needed it in a few years...)

Seems to be all taken care of, since you have the CM badge

 I can't seem to renew or start another Charter Membership, it won't go through from PayPal, but apparently it's still in operation, from the last post here.

What should I do?


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