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SMF Default Theme - Red

Started by azak, August 24, 2005, 06:44:38 PM

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This is my second theme SMF Default Theme - Red. Thanks to babylonking and Alienine again. I've changed the default themes colour to Red -as you can understand from the name:


Live Demo:

Click here! [nofollow]

Download [nofollow]


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the contrasting shades of red are perfect.

Well done.
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I agree, nice job. Well you have dedicated yourself to creating different default themes for different tastes then, eh? ;D
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Thanks for this theme. I like the way the default looks, but my site is all red/white so this fits perfectly.

Meow Doom

Yes, new topic button is blue.  :'(



Very Good, looks better than the original blue SMF Default Theme

Good Work  ;)

Meow Doom

Can someone make a new topic button in red? Not very good with graphics.  :'(

I had a friend make one from me. If anyone wants it, its here.

I hope the original creator of this theme doesn't mind.  :P

No hotlinking please. Right click and save ;)


thanks to theme..

this theme is parallel to 7dana SMF theme..

thanks for all workz..
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SMF Version: SMF 1.0.6
I have downloaded and installed SMF, and also installed the SMFRed theme which I am customsiing so it fits in with the rest of my site. However I've tried changing just about everything in the CSS and I still cannot change the colour of the top couple of panels.

This is a a (small) jpg of the problem - [nonactive]

Can anyone help??? Driving me mad it's the last thing i need to sort out!!


panel's colo(u)r isn't in CSS. right click->see background image(or see code of panel)


Hi can someone reupload this template



Might someone say to me from where I download this theme?


J. Williams

The download is down at the moment, I am sure the theme creator will put it back up as soon as possible.

Thank you
Joshua Jon Williams
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Joselin de Joselandia

Necesito este Theme pero no lo encuentro, ¿donde puedo encontralo?


Hey, I've fixed the links if anyone is interested! Look at the first message!