Author Topic: A Delete post option that behaves similarly to the Edit option  (Read 1058 times)

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See, I've had to disable the options to delete own posts and make edits to it for regular members. In 1.1.x, when the previous admin was running the forum, he had both options enabled. Users could at any time either delete or edit their posts. But, none of us thought that users might some day misuse this "freedom" and do things like delete all of their posts or edit them (save them with just a dot or some other symbol) when they felt like "this place is stupid, I'm outta here"... and, of course, never return. This left topics crippled, which is why I took away those rights to users after the forum got upgraded to 2.0.15.

The time interval for Modify (Edit) is a good option :). Instead of completely removing this option to the users, I decided to just extend the Edit interval to 24 hours, which was received as a good compromise :).

But, there isn't a similar option for the Delete button. I thought this wasn't such a big deal and redirected most users to just write an admin or a moderator to do the job for them... apparently, not everyone is comfortable with this. And I can see why... you're kinda invading their privacy... even though these posts go in the bin first and I can see what everyone wrote and deleted, there's this kind of "false privacy" that some users are kinda worried about.

So, I was wondering if there's a mod like this or if the time interval for the Modify option can be easily forked and implemented with the Delete option as well :)?

Thanks :).
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