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Hello, I want to know if I can modify themes from a Theme creator that already shut down his website, long ago.
This website closed like 3 years ago, now there is not any website or webmaster active from this site.
I have all the premium themes they released (i had subscription) and I can modify, enhance and make almost a brand new looking theme and upload it here, for free obviously.
Thanks for read.

you can modify a theme all you want for your own use. you need to determine if the theme has a license and if it is valid for you to modify and distribute them to others. a lot of old themes lack a license, as a result you cannot distribute them.

... and, if it was a premium theme from a site (e.g. you had to pay for the theme) then the answer is most likely no. You can not modify and redistribute the themes.

kinda sad, I just had that question because I modified one of that for my own personal use, and was wondering if is ok to release it since the website and group is already out of the web, not any member of that website still working or doin themes anymore hehe

Anyways, I can also make some brand new themes based on Core or even start from scratch


If you are basing the themes on Core -- don't even bother.  Core was outdated a decade ago... it overuses tables and is nearly impossible to make responsive.


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