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A few moments ago I received some erros and guests can't register to my forum anymore and even I can't register an account from the admin panel. I'm not really sure why this happened, I didn't do almost nothing for this to happen so if you can help me solving this issue I'll be very happy. I don't know how many people tried to register an account and didn't work.

I just found about this problem but I think it's happening for a while.I'll attach some prints so you can understand better, I really need to solve this quick.

As you can see in the first print, that line is missing. Why? How did it got deleted? And with what shoud I fill it ? In the second print you'll notice the error.. please help me solve this.


Biology Forums:
Link to forum?

Smf version?
Link to site?
I don't see any screenshots

Sorry guys for invloving you and forgetting to attach the screenshot. Got my problem solved in other forum.


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