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Problem update 1.1.21 to 2.0.15


Rock Lee:
They asked me to update a forum that did not have a backup copy and tried unsuccessfully to convert it. After a while being trying everything to be able to update I reached a stalemate that I can't move forward... Start the whole process goes well until it reaches point 13 of 19 and tells me the following error:

--- Code: ---Removing all guest deny permissions...done
Unknown column 'addDeny' in 'where clause'
--- End code ---

Which generated the following sql query

--- Code: ---ALTER TABLE smf_permissions ADD addDeny tinyint(4) NOT NULL default '1';
--- End code ---

but it returns the value: "#1060 - Duplicate Column Name 'addDeny'" I have already dealt with several ideas and possible solutions without success so I need a little help to finish converting the forum.


UPDATE: I could solve it, I should simply generate this sql query also in the table "smf_board_permissions" :)

It may also be referring to the board_permissions table in those steps...

That's really odd I think addDeny was there in 1 & 1.1.  I believe they were renamed from addDeny to add_deny in 2.0.  So look for that also in both of those tables. 

It's almost like there was an attempt to upgrade to 2.0.x earlier???

If add_deny exists in permissions & board_permissions, I'm not sure you're really starting from 1.1...

Rock Lee:
If this I was reading, I started to test the SMF 2.0 convincations in both tables and it gave me a duplicate but in some I generate what allowed the conversion correctly now!



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