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I've been a SMF user for over a year now, best forum software I ever used.

I'm also part of several Yahoo groups, but this platform is shutting down in December.  I was wondering about the possibility of converting these groups into a SMF forum.  I've searched this support forum, and while the question has been asked a few times, no functional converter was ever made available.

I have succesfully scraped all messages from the groups using a python script (by Andrew Ferguson on GitHub, I'm not allowed to post links).  The messages are stored in JSON files, one file per message.  All that remains would be to convert these into a SMF-compatible database.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

I would suggest using SMF's built in functions.
To create posts via PHP code
Check out;id=323

Also I have a mod called RSS Feed Poster that posts new topics that might be helpful

Thank you for the help.

Sadly, Yahoo Groups removed RSS support a few years back, so your RSS poster mod won't work :(

I will look into this PHP function though, but I have one question: is there any way to set a custom timestamp for posts created this way?

Thank you.

I don't believe so. But you could run a SQL query to change the date of the topic and message in those tables.

All right; thank you.

I'll run the import soon.  I'll mark this as [SOLVED], and reopen later on if necessary.


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