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Mass delete alerts?

Started by chadon, March 16, 2019, 10:51:31 AM

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I have been searching if there was a way to mass delete alerts notifications for all members in the administration panel but found nothing. Is there such feature or is it planed for future versions of 2.1.?
If not, I have members starting to complain about hundreds pages of notifications to delete and I personally mark them as read but don't take the time to delete them. I would imagine it would take a lot of space in a database of a busy forum after years of use if nothing is ever purged.


They should only stay there for a set time, and then disappear, as far as I'm aware.

You can delete them a page at a time buy changing this setting in your profile,

Profile > Look and Layout >> Moderation > Show quick-moderation as (Checkboxes).  Click Save.

Then you can select them all a page at a time instead of individually.  Makes it a little quicker at least.


I started an issue about this awhile ago and something is going to be done about it....for final release I think.


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installed this latest RC last week - and love 99% of it.

only two issues so far - calendar (dates of events are a day out, due to time zone nonsense).

and Alerts are piling up - do I, and my users, have to manually click to delete each and every alert?  I have over twenty alerts in a week.  This will get old very quick.


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thanks for the reply, Shawn.

Good to hear that alert solution is coming.

Folks alerts are piling up.  I might turn all alerts off til this issue is fixed.


Quote from: Northern Ireland on October 30, 2019, 07:52:27 PM

and Alerts are piling up - do I, and my users, have to manually click to delete each and every alert?  I have over twenty alerts in a week.  This will get old very quick.

For now, ask your users to go to profile > Look and layout >

quick-moderation as.  In the little dropdown to the right select: Checkboxes  and then save. 

You will then be able to delete those alerts one page at a time.

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many thanks lurkalot for that tip.

I have changed my setting there now and it worked a treat.  Thanks.

I am going to manually go and change that setting for my 25 plus users.  I think some would be unsure of what to set.

I hope the new fix will come out soon.  This is a key flaw in a script whose core is arguably based around alerts.   As well as being able to mass delete, I like idea of alerts disappearing after x number of days.  That would be perfect. 


I didn't add it when I added the alerts stuff in early 2.1 because people were concerned about people losing alerts they might otherwise miss.

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I know what you mean, Arantor.  Sort of between a rock and a hard place.  People don't want to miss out on things that have happened while they have been away.  But on the otherhand, many do not want to have a massive manual cleanup job, of a mass of accrued alerts.

I am reminded of 20 years ago, when I abandoned hotmail - the spam in my inbox just became intolerable.  After getting above two or three hundred, I gave up trying to manually delete the daily rubbish, and walked away from hotmail forever.

Our SMF alert stuff isn't spam obviously - but when a mountain of daily rubbish builds up, that manually has to be cleaned, one by one, a forum loses it's appeal for many people. It becomes work.


To be honest, I had a number of debates like that which is ultimately why I stepped down as a developer, it stopped being fun.

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Yes, I bet it can be a thankless task at times.  Impossible to square the circle, and keep everyone happy.  And when a thing ain't fun no more, it's not worth persisting.

But you've been a big part of developing a great script.  I have been in installing it on websites for well over a decade. 

You've always been very helpful to me in here (I've posted under other usernames in previous years).   I'd buy you a beer if it were possible.