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Defunct or incorrectly used wiki macro?


m4z: looks broken to me (and I don't know how to fix it).

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
The quick links could use some love and care, I think it holds some erroneous links like that - because someone has rearranged the wiki after the links were gathered.
I actually started to go through them one by one some time ago, but kinda got tedious after a time and haven't continued yet....

we have had some issues with one of the extenstions on the wiki. at this point i dont know if we can fix it or need to recode the page.

As Illori stated, it is an extension problem.  Other options, such as recoding and rewriting have been discussed, but they are not ultimately desireable or practical.  Investigations are ongoing as to whether the issue can be fixed.


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