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Late to the party - upgrading from 1.1.21 to 2.X

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Good day to all!

I have a bit of a problem...

Site is hosted on Godaddy.  SMF was at 1.1.19

About 6 months ago plan was upgraded so the php files were moved to a new server running 5.6. Databases were not migrated, they stayed on old server.  Forum running for a while fine.
Then a few weeks ago ran into the code was depreciated error.

Downloaded and tried to run the upgrade to 2.0.15. It was not pretty.

So, I d/l a backup of 1.1.19 and DBs to a music server I have here.  Have it running fine.  Patched it to 1.1.21.  Uploaded it to godaddy server.  Get the depreciated error (expected it).  Went to do the upgrade to 2.0.15 - WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH.  Backed it off to .19.  Tried upgrade again.  During it's minimal check, not all need files there, so upgrade does not even start.

So, I'm at the point of I'm ready to do a fresh install.

I'd like to keep the topics and sub topics defined, registered users, and posts.

I'm sure it is possible, it's just how much TIME do I want to put into it.

Thoughts / comments please.

Looked at it this morning and there is a connection issue to the DB I need to fix.


In the test upgrades I have been doing for my site (V 1.1.21) it has been necessary to upgrade to 2.0.13 first then upgrade again to 2.0.15.This seems to avoid a lot of errors, I'm guessing the earlier 2.0.x upgrades were more geared towards the previous branch as well as supporting older php versions etc.

I'm willing to try 2.0.13.  Is it still available to d/l?  All I see is .15.

Speaking of .15, I made a subdomain on my site and installed .15 w/o problems (made a new DB).  Then used myphpadmin to look at the structure side by side.  See some cols renamed and few new ones.

Would love to have the UPGRADE perform the DB conversions for me taking the db from 1.1.121 to 2.0.X.



I think they are looking for;b=4;v=96 instead.


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