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I dont mind guests being able to read my forum, but I want to remove the option for them to print pages since part of my forum is a beginners guide and I would rather they became members first
Im sure there must be a way, but can't find anything in the permissions that covers this

There is no way.
You can remove the "print" option from the display of the message....
But they can always use their browser print option.

The print button just removes a bunch of formatting and makes the display more printer friendly,  but you can not stop users from printing

You can do something like this in php/css but you would need to do $user_info['is_guest'] php code to add the code to the headers of SMF or not.

--- Code: ---<style type="text/css" media="print">
* { display: none; }

--- End code ---

Of course,  any user can just undo that by manually changing the css using the browser

Thanks all, I think I'll leave it as is.
I suppose even if I could do something,  they could always just take screenshots


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