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Upgrading from SMF 1.1.2 to which version?

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I've acquired a gaming website which has a forum running SMF 1.1.2 and it's integrated with the main gaming website authentication (which is running django)

I'm sure SMF 1.1.2 is outdated and has tons of security risks, I was wondering what would be the best option here? do SMF 1.1.2 to latest 1.1.x then 2.0.x then 2.1.x? or 1.1.x then to 2.1.x?


Hello there,

2.1 is our beta release, and should not be runned on production sites, so I wouldn't recommend upgrading to 2.1 branch.
2.0.x is the place to go though.

Please take a look at the Upgrading SMF documentation, and let us know if you have additional questions. :)

you will have to find an update integration however.... because the integration for 1.1.x is different from 2.0.x (which is also different from 2.1.x)

So, depending on how the integration is designed, you might break it when you upgrade the forum.

The integration shouldn’t be vastly different between 1.1 and 2.0 but we will need more information as to how it is built to be able to help.

Thanks, everyone for your kind responses.

As I have acquired this site with its forum, where do I look for the changed file(s) that handles authentication (external auth basically) to see how it's handled and if it breaks i know what to look at when fixing it?

Best Regards,


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