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users can't post cannot execute upgrade.php

 Hello @ all smf communty  :)

I got problem since server change.
My users can't post new topics.

they see the error :

--- Code: ---Database Error
Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator.
--- End code ---

I don't know if it's linked,
I've updated the smf version manually.
I when i try to run upgrade.php i got a mistake.

--- Code: ---Upgrading...
Updating holidays and calendar... Unsuccessful!
This query:

    UPDATE smf_art_calendar
    SET startDate = '0001-01-01'
    WHERE startDate = '0000-00-00';

Caused the error:

    Incorrect date value: '0000-00-00' for column 'startDate' at row 1

--- End code ---

 Thanks for help me.

Updated from what version to what version?

Usually that first error message indicates an actual problem.
When you changed servers,  did you change all of your paths and database connection details?
Hi Kindred  :)
Thanks for your help
i've upgraded manually from 1.1.19 to 1.1.21
system say all files are good version.
I made Repair_settings and yes database and paths are good.
 forum is working, but i made this for access boards :


--- Code: ---nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf
--- End code ---


--- Code: ---[mysqld]

--- End code ---

And i try to upgrade without this mod but i got the same result.
Like this the forum is fully accessible.
but users can't post.
If i find a way for user can post,  maybe i don't need to upgrade bdd
Thanks for your help.

well, technically, you should plan to upgrade to the 2.0.x branch, since 1.1.x is at end of life...

but I don't know that the reported post issue is related to the upgrade issue.


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