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One page for unread posts and new replies to your posts

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Why would these two pages be combined?

That is illogical.

one is "show me a list of (only) new replies to threads which I have posted in"
the other is " show me a list of all unread posts" -- which, by definition already includes the replies to your posts

So, your "request" is already dealt with by the default functionality.

Additionally, our policy is not outdated.
The legal requirement is that you can remove the copyright if you so desire.
The policy on our support forum (here) is "if you have removed the copyright, then you have essentially stated that you do not need to acknowledge SMF and therefore have implicitly stated that you don't need the support of the community. So, we do not provide support to such sites."

Additionally, you have improperly changed the copyright on the credits page.


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