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SMF 2.0.17 Released

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Hello. forgive me for writing here but I can't find the right topic. I mean on my home page I would like to login to smf through a window that is on the screen how to do it? because as I enter the login and password it directs me to login smf again. And I want that after entering the data in this window, I am the head of the logged user

This isn't a support thread ;)

just a quick qn: any issues from upgrading from 2.0.13 to this version? Thanks.


--- Quote from: Shambles on June 06, 2020, 12:03:11 PM ---This isn't a support thread ;)

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random: "This is my question"

people who've been here a while: "This isn't a support thread"

random: "Ok but here's my question anyway..."


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