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Character corruption upon inline edit after 2.0.16 update

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When using inline edit on topic level, I get non-ASCII character conversion in subject and body text to Unicode Character Names. It happens with all tested themes. It also happens in a vanilla forum just after installing 2.0.16

Hello everyone!!!
I confirm that after updating to 2.0.17 there was a problem with encoding. utf8
How do I disable this feature?

I had to remove the inline edit button in the theme template.

Hi!!! How did you delete this button? In what file and what line???

Depends on your theme. For example in default theme, Display.template.php, remove this

--- Code: --- // Can the user modify the contents of this post?  Show the modify inline image.
if ($message['can_modify'])
echo '
<img src="', $settings['images_url'], '/icons/modify_inline.gif" alt="', $txt['modify_msg'], '" title="', $txt['modify_msg'], '" class="modifybutton" id="modify_button_', $message['id'], '" style="cursor: ', ($context['browser']['is_ie5'] || $context['browser']['is_ie5.5'] ? 'hand' : 'pointer'), '; display: none;" onclick="oQuickModify.modifyMsg(\'', $message['id'], '\')" />';

--- End code ---


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