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What are the post count based groups here on the SMF Community forum?

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Howdy y'all. Just curious if anyone knows what the post count based groups are here on the SMF Community forum? I wonder when I'll no longer be a "semi-newbie"? ;)

I list of what each group is named and how many posts you need for each would be cool to see!

But it would spoil the surprise! (Well, you can always look at other people's profiles. ::))

I actually don't know if there's a public list. In a default 2.0 install, you have:

* Newbie: 0(-49)
* Jr. Member: 50
* Full Member: 100
* Sr. Member: 250
* Hero Member: 500
I guess it's more fine-grained here, with raised bars for the higher groups (f.e. I think "Hero" begins at 1k, and then there's a 10k group).

My search skills are legendary...


--- Quote from: Shambles on January 11, 2020, 03:46:52 AM ---My search skills are legendary...

--- End quote ---
Dude! I was searching for like an hour trying to find something like this! What did your search for exactly??

Successful searches, and not just here but in the wider world, depend on how precise and unambiguous you can declare your search item(s).

In this case I knew that one of the postcount labels was "sophist", which is a term unlikely to be used in a regular post. So, by combining "sophist" with other related keywords like "hero" and "newbie", you'll drill down to a level that's useful.


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