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need a bit of help upgrading 1.1.13

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ok, i am the so called admin for a forum using version 1.1.13
and i need to upgrade to something more current as hostmonster does not support this version any longer
i had them reset to an earlier (php?) so that we could continue with the use of the forum, but need to upgrade so
we can then have hostmonster do their thing and get us going for down the road.

i have done a backup of the forum today, so i have everything, and currently it is still operational, however i have had
a report  of a glitch when trying to post, the topic line does not show anything but (new), and this happens only intermittently
so i think it really past time to get an upgrade done

if memory serves me, years ago i moved from an earlier version to ver. 1.1.13, and it was done from the admin panel
but i don't see that ability now?  maybe i am missing something? probably? (most likely) ;)

the forum is  if that is important to the process or helps in any way?

thanks in advance

bob g
aka mobile_bob

you need to upgrade to 2.0.17.

this cannot be done via the package manager.

Sir Osis of Liver:
You'll have to upgrade to 1.1.21, then to 2.0.17.  Don't think you can do it in one jump.  Also requires juggling php versions.  Make sure you have a good database backup.  You'd be well advised to move to a better host, Hostmonster has been awful lately.

The good news is that we have put a lot of effort into the upgrader in the latest versions.

Some pointers -
 - Backup... backup... backup...  I suggest having your host do a backup in addition to your own.  Two backups are better than one.
 - You can upgrade to your desired php version immediately prior to running the upgrader.  Any version supported by 2.0.17.
 - Use the browser, not the command line. 

You will definitely have issues if forum distributed tables or columns were removed or renamed.  We do see that...  But under most circumstances, you should be able to do it in one jump now.

SOoL - I know you do a lot of these, so input is welcome.  We've been able to run upgrades from 1.1.x, 1.0.x & even YaBBse in one jump to 2.0.17.  (For that matter, you can upgrade any of those versions directly to 2.1 now.)  We are trying to make it much easier for folks to get current. 

Sir Osis of Liver:
Haven't done one recently, not a lot of 1.1 forums still running.  Direct upgrades from early 1.1 to 2.0 have usually been borked by incompatible php versions.  If I get another one, will try it.


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