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January 18, 2022, 09:10:41 PM


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Placing an SM Forum withing a website

Started by Geoffw, February 23, 2020, 01:57:21 AM

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{FREE}This may seem an odd question but is it possible to place an active SM Forum within an existing Wordpress based website?

For Example:


In reality iframes allows you to embed forum into other page, but please don't do it... Better approach to this situation is calling elements of WP into SMF (while replacing or adding) and writing a theme which matches WP theme (again its not recommended to use classes / css files used by WP, because it will greatly decrease mod compatibility and puts more work on your shoulders).


Thanks for the response, and thank-you to the mod who moved it to a more appropriate board.

I suppose another option might be to try to replicate or mimic, as closely as possible, the website header on the Forum.  I've seen it here in the past but can't find it.  How do I edit "index.php" to a click on the Header Image take you to our website?


I strongly suggest you to integrate SMF into WP, SSI is powerful enough to have you everything around... While WP has some advantages (like menu manager), its still better to code little into SMF menu (aka putting WP menu items).

If you wish to edit header part of SMF, you need to visit index.template.php



Im working on that as well...

Let keep in touch..


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