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Bold fonts appear the same as regular font.

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Hi everyone!

I recently installed a theme on a forum I'm working on, and the font it uses is Sans Serif:

--- Code: ---/* Set a fontsize that will look the same in all browsers.
---------------------------------------------------------- */
body {
background: #1D2225 url(../images/custom/main2.png) no-repeat 100% 0% / cover;
font: 300 13px/1.5 'Oxygen', "Arial", "Helvetica", sans-serif;
margin: 0 auto;
padding: 0;

--- End code ---

Unfortunately, when I make something bold using bbcode, it doesn't appear bold at all.  Is there some sort of way to make it appear - for lack of a better word - bolder?  Do I need to change the font?  It appears mostly to be Oxygen from what I can tell, that word is repeated amongst my index.css file.  I still want Sans Serif because it's what I prefer.

The small snip I attached is a preview from a post I'm typing up - I put the [ b ]  [ / b ] around February 2, 2020, and it looks exactly the same as the rest.

link to the forum where a post is having bold bbc? most likely it is not defined in the css or not defined correctly.


If you check out the 'Rules' post in the first board, the very first line stating IMPORTANT is all in bold.

We can't access it. You have the site in maintenance mode.

My apologies, completely forgot I did that a few days ago!  It should be accessible now.


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