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Quick- and extented editor bug

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I noticed that latest 2.1 Github version has little problem with editor. That little triange where you can expand writing area is missing in "quick reply" and it is misplaced in "extented editor".

See attachments.

that is usually a browser thing, not a server side thing...

what Browser are you using?

Ok. Thanks for your response!

Those images are taken with Win7 Firefox. I have also Chrome in my Android tablet and it behaves just like the pictures I attached. That github install is upgraded from RC2 and database updated too.

I have also 2.1 RC2 release and with same browsers there are no issues at all.

If I remember correct, few weeks back, with older nightly, I didn't have that problem. But I may recall that wrong.

I still have those older nightly zips, so maybe I test with those day after tomorrow when I have time..


I have the same problem. And one problem more - if I maximize Editor and then restore its size, buttons (Post, Save Draft and Preview) are already into the post area.
These problems are with the latest Github builds, the build from 21.12.2019 is working fine.

Ok, I tested nightly from "e8f5a0f" and seems that same problem is there also. So probably I did remember that wrong and it haven't work at all..

Sadly I don't have any older nightly zips available to test..


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