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I'd like to propose a way for not just administration but also for the users to be able to pull up statistics on the actual forum boards. Total post count that we have now is not sufficient.

For example, it would be neat to see that a board that was once very popular with the most amount of threads and posts has fallen out of favor in recent times. Therefore you could then have a way to visualize this impact and activity. A nice graph would show peak activity in that given board's hey day.

You could then compare boards to each other based on recent activity. Total post count that you see now doesn't paint a correct picture. A newer board that is hot and gaining lots of posts per day or month would be interesting to be able to visualize this activity.

There's a reason stats aren't all over the board index: performance. The stats centre is a big hit on the server.

You could do what you want, but it's something a lot of people wouldn't care about, so better as a mod.

Okay, are you saying this is now possible as a moderator? I'm a Global Moderator on a forum running 2.0.17 and I don't see a way of getting this information.


--- Quote from: Antechinus ---... so better as a mod.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: galfert ---Okay, are you saying this is now possible as a moderator?

--- End quote ---

He means request the feature as a modification ("mod") in the mod request board ;)

I think galfert means he may not be aware of and was asking if as a mod something like that is visible.

beyond that page, it is recommended to use a mod, which may not exist.


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