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Okay yes "mod" meant modification in this case and I took it to mean moderator. Thank you for the correction.

I am aware of the Statistics Center page (action=stats) and that is not sufficient. I want to be able to see trends. I want to see that a given board has recently amounted a lot of posts and a different board may have been once very popular but now has few. This is the sort of thing that more easily gets conveyed by looking at a data know with data points to quickly see what is happening or what once happened that may be different that what is happening now with each given board.

I take it then that such a "mod" does not exist.

It is a shame that not even the data exists for each board of how many posts/threads that given month. A data table that I could export would be a start. I could then easily put the data in Excel and have it instantly create the graphs I want to see.

Doesn't exist that I know of but you can get the information if you know SQL.
You can query the smf_messages and smf_topics and find the date created and use that to find posts/topics by month

A simple query on smf_messages should yield what our friend requires.

Here's a basic "what happened in January" query which could easily be parameterised to produced the desired effect:

--- Code: (MySql query) ---select id_board, count(*) from smf_messages WHERE poster_time BETWEEN UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2020-01-01') AND UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2020-01-31') group by id_board;

--- End code ---

Well thank you for the SQL query code. If only I was an administrator with this level of access....but I'm just a Global Moderator.

It seems then that this is my formal request for such a mod to be created to at least prepare easily exportable data reporting results for use with in Excel to do analysis. Best solution though would be a mod to internally generate these reports and graphs built-in where an Administrator or Global Moderator would have access to this tool.

So to the powers that be please add this to the bucket of wish list items.

Thank you!


--- Quote from: galfert ---So to the powers that be please add this to the bucket of wish list items.

--- End quote ---

Not going to happen, imho, as it's a niche request.

You'd be better off requesting a mod[ification] to be created, using the Mod Request Board but be prepared (or advise your forum admin to be prepared) to pay for this service ;)

It wouldn't take much effort to create an Admin function that could be clicked to invoke, or even run as a scheduled task, that produces a monthly report in csv format.

This, for example, would output the board names plus number of messages created between that same range of dates:

--- Code: (MySql query) ---select, count(*) from smf_messages as m left join smf_boards as b on m.id_board = b.id_board WHERE poster_time BETWEEN UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2020-01-01') AND UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2020-01-31')
 group by b.id_board;

--- End code ---


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