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Hello! I'm unable to reach my forum--I get HTTP ERROR 500.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what version of Simple Machines it uses, other than I know it's very old. (Forum was started about 13 years ago.)  I had an admin who made modifications to the SM software for me, and coded my website, but staunchly refused to install the recommended updates over the years for fear the modifications would be lost. She passed away last year, now the forum is unreachable, and I'm stuck.

Can anyone help? Thank you!

a 500 error is a server side issue.

You would need to check with your host.

The rest of the website is accessible, though. Only the forum can't be reached. Would that still be a hosting problem?

it could be, we cant really tell you until we know what it says in the server error log.

actually, given that you are running  some version of 1.1.x the problem is likely that your host forced an update of your server's php version. SMF 1.1.x will not run on php 7.0 and above.


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