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change domain and server and php version ..... problems!


I have a problem that having changed the server the MySQL 5... version has gone to MySQL 5.7 and gives me many errors !!!

I exported db and files .... with repair_settings.php I set everything but ...... errors and negations begin to use the forum

the following was suggested to me but .... nothing

Recent versions of MySQL have ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY on default, while the old versions had it turned off.
SMF was created with the old ones in mind, so it has several points where this problem occurs correcting queries and fixing them, a query correction system has not been added specifically to support PSQL).

thanks to who helps me


Dear Customer,
exceptionally we will be able to move the current mysql user to a server with version 5.6 of mysql
Back up your databases with data because they will be empty on the new server and you will have to restore them.

When done, let us know and we will provide free movement. In addition to the missing data, the only parameter that will be different will be the IP of the server no longer

We await your confirmation to proceed, as soon as you have saved the backups of all the databases.


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