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QuickEdit Button ends in error message: text field is empty [2.0.17]



I am running my forum on SMF 2.0.17 and since an update (maybe 17 or 16, I've installed both of them at the same day) the QuickEdit button seems to stopped working correctly.

See attached screenshots for further info (I am talking about the symbol in the down right corner). Please ignore the German layout.

Any hints from your side?

Has anything been recorded in your error log?  Is there any conflict showing when using your browser's console inspector?

Thanks for the quick reply.

My forum's error log shows nothing related to that and is almost empty.

My console inspector says
"jquery not found"
When I click on that extended report it says
"Error: Incorrect contents fetched, please reload."

Please bear with me, my php knowledge hasn't grown since my last posts here.
By the way I am using Firefox 74.0 as browser.


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