Author Topic: Is there a points managements or rewards system available on SMF 2.1.x??  (Read 303 times)

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I am comparing and choosing a internet forum software for my website. I can not find a point managements/ rewards system for SMF. I found this site:, it seems have a mod package with rewards system.
I wonder if this function is integrated into SMF 2.1.x or this function is not availabe?

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SMF 2.1 is not a finished product, a lot of mods that do exist for SMF 2.0 dont yet exist for SMF 2.1. we dont really recommend anyone use SMF 2.1 in production as it may have bugs/issues/problems.

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Thank you Illori.

By chance, I finished the migration without any problem. ;D I finally have a completely clean version (and it also corrected my issue regarding the attachments not uploading!!)

Actually I don't use mods, except my personal theme, and "Quick Spoiler". For information if someone has the same question in the future, the repositories I saved are :

- attachments
- avatars
- custom_avatar
- Smileys
- My personal theme repo
- And of course a full database backup (same database name / same pwd)

You can close the topic if you want, problem solved for me!