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1.1.21 doesn't want to be installed

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I'm trying to install SMF 1.1.21 on my website. It apparently doesn't want to be installed. I can tell because I got an HTTP 500 ERROR. Is 1.1.x no longer supported?

No it is not, you need to get SMF 2.


--- Quote from: Looking on March 24, 2020, 02:25:43 PM ---No it is not, you need to get SMF 2.

--- End quote ---

I guess you got me there. But ah, just a reminder, I'm looking for a person who can actually help. Saying "no it is not" kinda sounds like you're saying "No it isn't no longer supported," making it a double negative in the process. I'm sure you know what double negatives are, right?

When you see an HTTP500, that usually means something unexpected happened under the covers, and apache kinda felt the carpet pulled out from underneath it... 

The underlying issue is normally in your apache log.  To understand what's going on, look there.

If you are installing a new forum, 1.1 is not the way to go.  I don't know what the max php (or mysql) version supported by 1.1, but since most hosts have been pushing 7.x, and smf1.1 predates 7.x by years, first guess is that your environment is too 'new' to run 1.1.

I have no problems installing 1.1.21 in a php 5.x environment, the install still works fine.

What version of mysql? 
What version of php? 
What OS? 
Do you have errors in your apache log? 

And - most important - why are you trying to install a new 1.1 instance?

Is this a migration from another forum platform or a brand new forum? If it's a brand new forum then you should go for version 2.0.17 (2.1 exists but it's not a "proper" release - it's more of a "testing " release).

What versions of PHP do you have available to use?


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