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Simple and moderately versatile portal for creating the main page of the forum, as well as additional pages and blocks.

This mod needs PHP 7.2 or greater and SMF 2.1 RC2 or greater

Attention: this portal can work without any pages - you can only use blocks, without the frontpage.


* Blocks with multilingual titles and FontAwesome icons.
* Using Flexbox to output blocks.
* Available panels: header, left and right sidebars, center (top and bottom), footer.
* Frontpage article system: portal pages, forum topics, or boards.
* Comments for pages.
* Open Graph markup for pages and comments.
* Manage blocks in Admin: drag-n-drop of blocks, including updating of the priority.
* Pages with support for various content.
* Support for addons.
* Standalone mode.
* Caching.
About titles for blocks/pages
All pages should have 'english' title and title for the forum default language. For example, if your forum has the Russian language by default, you should fill the title in English and the title in Russian, for all pages.
Titles for blocks are optional.

Русскоязычная поддержка

Nice to see another portal mod, especially for 2.1 :D

Polish lang in attachment.

Just great, thanks :)

Rock Lee:
I'm just testing everything related to 2.1 a very good, then I'll leave the translation to Latin Spanish ;).


Довольно то интересный портал!!! "Пасхальный яйца" все таки вставил :), интересно, как это перевели на другой язык - "Загружено за 0.062 сек. Скушано памяти: 0 МБ."

Посмотрел папку плагинов - не нашел поддержку SimpleSEF, хотя PrettyUrls есть :(


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