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I am wanting for help to create & implement the same general idea, look, and feel as the submit a security issue PHP using SSI.  I don't need the "Navigation" and "Search" functions on the side, only assistance on integrating and creating the file.  Attached to this listing are the areas specific to that PHP & SSI portion I'm wanting to create.

All I need is a template that the page uses, then I can modify it to my needs.  Here's the PHP page I'm referring to:

I hope I was clear enough in what I'm looking for.  I greatly appreciate your time and any assistance you may offer.

Thank you again,


Although our site does not specifically use this mod, this mod essentially does everything you just asked and doesn't require extra coding at all...


This is exactly what I needed.  I completely overlooked this mod in the SMF Mod Site.  Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention.


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