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Backup file from SMF 1.1.15 (smf2.sql.gz)?

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I have an old backup file from an SMF 1.1.15 forum that a friend of me hosted long time ago. The backup is from januari 2009 and the data is readable as ascii tekst. So the file is not corrupt.

This forum was used to discuss historical topics and I would like to recover some of this data. It seems that this file is only containing the SQL data of the forum.

Is there a possibility that I can recover the structure and content of this SMF forum or it this quite impossible and should I forget this idea?

Kind Regards

As long as it is a complete backup, with all tables present, it should be possible to reconstruct the original forum. You will need a server running an old version of PHP that is compatible with 1.1.15, but it should all work.

Alternatively you can also install a 2.1.17 version directly, import the database, and then run the upgrader to upgrade the db to tha latest version as well. Hope it helps.

Good thinking. That would also work. Depends what result you want.

If you want to resurrect the 1.1.15 forum as it was (for whatever reason) then installing 1.1.15 and restoring the db would be the way to do it.

If you want a usable forum that is up to date, installing 2.0.17 directly and then upgrading the imported db is probably the way to go.

Sir Osis of Liver:
If the question is can the forum itself be recovered (i.e., themes, mods, customizations), you'd need a backup of the forum files that were running at the time, which is separate from the database (sql) backup.  If you have a full cpanel backup, it should contain both.


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