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When you decide you want to purchase mods for your forum?  I've purchased a couple so far.  I look for good support, and hopefully mods that can install with few errors, although limiting to just a few choice mods too but willing to purchase from one developer if poss.  I just wanted to know, if you're allowed under forum rules to say who you have found to develop great mods, good customer support ect?

There's so many mods to choose from/which means many developers. Is there anywhere on the forum that has a list?


If you are looking for a person to custom code, I'd say either go for Suki or live627. Not only they are experienced coders who actively contributes to core software they also have complex mods that overcome challenges.

I%u2019d second that suggestion, if I needed to get work done that I couldn%u2019t do myself.

I don't want coders, I just wondered when purchasing who the best developers of mods. I'm not looking for custom mods, just ones I may want to add to my forum like for ads, wysiwyg editor ect.

I have mods for sale here Includes Ad Seller Pro there is a large discount if you purchase community suite which includes all the mods on the site.


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