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Managing and deleting inactive users with invalid address

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I did a search around, there have been discussion about it.
Here is the case, say there are many thousands of members with invalid email address and they never made a single post and probably will never come. Is there we have any provision where we can automatically mark such account and then delete them after quick manual review ?

It has been real pain as if there is newsletter sent out, it hurts IP reputation as an MTA. Is there any mode or something available for it ?


That's not a solution, what OP is asking is handling the bounce emails in SMF which is not possible. Other forum scripts are handling bounce emails in the core by setting members to different membergroups or setting them as bounced/inactive members so they won't receive any mail until they change their email address. Also many newsletter scripts are acting this way.

I also have the same problem in SMF, I send my emails through Amazon SES, and if a mail is bounced I get noticed by email, so manually I can delete or decide what to do with that member. I usually send a couple of newsletters/year and every time I do it I have to spent some time by checking the mails and delete members. If you have a lot of members that will require a lot of time.

If somebody have other or better solutions let me know, I'm also interested.

Crap, I was tired of the spam filter not reaching acivateable new members, so I accepted a load of them. I know I will have to do this now at a later point.  :o


You could perhaps create a mod based around that and possibly at the same time (maybe in the same mod) have it reject any emails used from "throw-away email providers" (it would need a list to be maintained)


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