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Managing and deleting inactive users with invalid address

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I may work on it to create a mod but currently busy with my primary work projects.
There are many ways to achieve this, can be done SMF too by parsing bounced mails. I am looking for more ideas here.

What i do on createaforum and my SMF sites. I parse the email logs from my mail servers SMTP logs
Then I change the members email address to .bad on the end of email in the forum.
I added to the sendmail function in sources/subs.php this code

--- Code: --- if (substr($to, -4) == '.bad')
return false;

--- End code ---

If you are sending though Amazon SES you can setup an SNS topic and have postback to your site for processing.
For that I include full headers so I can see what is going on. I use the SNS php API to the basic handling for that part.

Alright, that's with Amazon SES and SNS, what for more generic SMF setup, using smpt or simply sendmail (php), any views ?

You would need to parse the SMTP logs and do the process above that is what I do.


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