Author Topic: Click on “approve” for blocked message brings me to admin-moderation center?  (Read 96 times)

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Using SMF 2.0.17, with Bad Behavior and CleanTalk plugins (among others which are less relevant), every time I try to click on "Approve" for an automatically blocked message, I get sent to the moderation center. (index.php?action=moderate;area=postmod;sa=approve;topic=23.0;msg=55 ... )

From here I cannot find ANY way to actually approve the message. Nor does the message ever get approved, no matter what I do.

The error log, oddly enough, does not show me any errors when this happens. I can go into the message and click on Attachments and other options, and there I see "Approve this post," but when I do this, it does not approve the post.

Any thoughts? Do I just need to remove CleanTalk?

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Try to remove it and see if it happens again. If it does not, said mod is the culprit. You can post at its support topic about this so its developer can look into the problem.

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Is post moderation even turned on?