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Started by Flarerahip, May 31, 2020, 10:07:19 PM

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hello, I added some code to Profile-modify.php to add new things to the forum profile page, I got an error.

I added something called test to profile-modify.php

then I added it to show what i added to the same file

yes, what i want was added to the profile modify section

but there is a problem, I get this error when I write and register something

note: I showed what I added in the codes in red


So what did you add?  Simply remove it for now.

Can I ask what you are trying to do exactly as we may b e better able to assist if we know what your end result is.


I want to add a 'youtube channel' to the profile switching page, write and save the channel URL, and print it to any page I want in the Forum and put the url in '$ context [' member '] [' youtubechannel '];' I want to print as

I'm bad english, sorry


Use the advanced profile fields feature, turn it on in the Core Features page.


Yeh I am going to echo' what Arantor said, what you are wishing to do is possible using the Advanced Profile Fields, this is default addition in smf 2.0 line.    Also please dont worry about your English, sometimes we may need you to explain a wee bit more, we will ask questions this is so we can get the full issue and allows us a better chance to help you.


yes, I did a little research on what you said it is fine but I couldn't do exactly what I wanted, can you show me as a regex with a picture, I want to print this value in any corner of the forum as $context['member']['value added']


You can't use $context['member'] everywhere, that only exists in posts and profiles.

Making an icon appear in the profile using the core feature works, that's how I have a GitHub icon in my poster info, you use "icons" placement and use the {INPUT} part to fill in, e,g, you tell it to use the image link and only the part of the url that matches the input gets replaced with {INPUT}

If that isn't going. To work, we're going to need a lot more info like "example the user fills in", what you want the result to show for a user, and exactly where you want to show this (with screenshots)


Can you tell me in a picture when you are available?



Doug Heffernan

Quote from: Flarerahip on June 02, 2020, 07:46:42 AM
the problem continues

What exactly did you add and what are the errors that you are getting? The more details you give us, the better.


 Flarerahip, did anything here help?  im marking as solved as its been over 2 weeks since you got back to us, if you still need help please advise what you have tried since.