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Dark theme for this site?

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Would be good to have a dark theme option given the availability of so many dark themes.

SMF has always used the default with no modifications or little, so I cannot see this happening.  In honesty their is an accessibility argument here.  I know K@ used a browser addon and forced the css to have a dark theme as he needed it so it is possible using external methods.

I am not talking about the main theme being a dark theme, I am talking of having the option to select a dark theme as a user. In all honesty, I cannot see why this could not happen.

I use browser add-ons for dark theme, but current themes do not look good in them due to heavy image use. You are correct, this is an important accessibility issue, SMF should be accessible.

There are some technical considerations that make this difficult to manage on this site.

Not to mention the maintenance of it in future SMF editions.

I don't thing that much maintenance is required. Just install a working theme. Something, even if imperfect, is better than nothing. Checking the stats for this site's use of alternative themes:

The default theme from Simple Machines.
7 people are using this theme.

The default theme of SMF's previous incarnation, codenamed Core.
11 people are using this theme.

I doubt there is much maintenance going on on these themes.


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