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Hi there All,

Having been frustrated by all the searching on the net and the like, I have now gotton a team together and will be building a WP to SMF Wordpress plugin.

So my question to all you SMF buffs, out there:

What are the main features that you're looking for, without making it too expensive (it is a paid plugin but will be managed, loved and updated).

It will be like this attached image, and initially will have a SSO(single sign on) in both databases - WP and SMF  will know you've logged in and are registered and logged out....

The SMF will be in the iFrame of the WP site and can be Opened in New Window if required or in the same window.

You thoughts and suggestion would be most appreciated.



Ew, iframes.

Iframes are indeed the wrong way to do this...

How's that going to work with Firefox browser?


--- Quote from: Mick. on June 11, 2020, 07:50:03 AM ---How's that going to work with Firefox browser?

--- End quote ---

Fine if you take out the security measure in SMF...


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