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When you Reply to a Topic, The system put back into the board..

Started by Kustomuk, June 14, 2020, 11:10:00 AM

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When you Reply to a Topic, The system put back into the board..Is there a way of keeping it in the topic, instead of it sending you back to the system board when you`ve posted.


Go to "modify profile" and tick ----> "Return to topics after posting by default."


as mick stated you can do that here in the forums or for your personal account on your own forum

if you mean for your own sites' sitewide settings:

in your admin under configuration go to themes and layouts
then go to member options then click on Configure guest and new user options for this theme
check the box that says: Return to topics after posting by default.
change any other settings you'd like and save
back under the member options (if you don't have a bunch of members to tick off) click on Change current options for all members using this theme and Remove all members' options and use the defaults