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Questions as set the forum up

Started by SALocalcom, June 17, 2020, 10:47:05 PM

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Quote from: Arantor on June 12, 2020, 02:14:21 PM
If you only have 6 zip codes, that'll fit.

You set up the custom field, set the validation to regex, and then add the mask as:

To force people to enter a zip code during registration, in an effort to keep the forum restricted to residents of one county.....

Ok, I need help understanding this something I need to change in a php page?  Is there a function in the registration I need to add, or a mod I need to install first?

How would I go about doing this, please?


Sorry for the multiple posts.  Someone marked the topic solved.  I changed that.  It's an ongoing topic for now, and when I changed it all the posts where there all of a sudden.  I deleted the extra posts.


No, as explained, you create a custom field in the admin panel, set it to required on registration, set its validation to regex, and then put that in the box it gives you.


Quote from: Arantor on June 21, 2020, 11:35:11 AM
No, as explained, you create a custom field in the admin panel, set it to required on registration, set its validation to regex, and then put that in the box it gives you.

Ok, I'll look and see...never noticed those functions.


Admin > Configuration > Core Features, tick 'advanced profile fields', press save.


 Profile Section:
Section of profile this is edited in.

pick; None, account settings, forum profile?

not searchable

users can't see field, admin can edit?

...and I checked this,
If not selected this field will not be shown to anyone.
not sure if I needed to.


That worked as I typed in last post.  Tried the wrong zip, it gives you another chance.  Is there a way to limit the times you can try?



no, they can try a million times if they have the time.


Any other ideas how to keep people, not from this county out of the forum?

I'm also looking at this mod.



The thing is, if you do implement some of these things, you also reduce the chance of getting help if you have a problem down the line.

I'm not in your county; I'm not even in your country...

And the best suggestion for anti-spam actually works here: put questions in on registration that only residents would know.

I'd also point out that in practice other than spammers (who won't care anyway), your main problem will actually be getting people to your forum, not keeping them away.


Good points, I do lots of backups if I mess something up.

I'm in one of the fastest growing counties in the US.  I wish they weren't building so many houses in my rural area, but they are.  Lots of these people know little about the county, except it's 50 miles North of San Antonio....moving here to from all over the place, for the jobs.

I appreciate all your help!!


When I created the new profile field, I noticed a field, "255".  Number of characters?  Can you increase that?  It was a field that you could type into.  Could you put 500 or 1000?


Sir Osis of Liver

Yes, you can increase field length by setting a higher number.
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More important question.

If I wanted to change my primary domain name, would I have to reinstall the whole forum?

I saw some places, in the themes and layouts with absolute urls which can be changed, but most urls are fully local.



The place to fix it.

Thanks, good hint.


I tried adding a privacy policy and checking the box to force it during registration.

It didn't come up.

Is there something somewhere else I need to do?