Failed registration. Help please.

Started by dowhelp, June 17, 2020, 11:00:34 PM

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All was well until a member alerted me to an issue with new registrations.

When a new member registers they first see the "Registration agreement". They tick the boxes and get taken to the "Registration form". They fill in this form and press "Register" but they are taken back to the "Registration agreement". It is a loop.

I have tested and confirmed this on different computers and browsers.

SMF version: 2.017
PHP: 7.2
Latest mods:
Tinyportal 1.6.6
Auto twitter embed 2.0
GDPR helper 1.08
Simple Audi video 1.1
Block Proxy VPN On Registration 1.1
Tapatalk 4.5.7

Any and all help appreciated.

Thank you

Sir Osis of Liver

Try uninstalling GDPR helper.  You can also uninstall Block Proxy VPN, doesn't work.
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Quote from: Sir Osis of Liver on June 17, 2020, 11:12:47 PM
Try uninstalling GDPR helper.  You can also uninstall Block Proxy VPN, doesn't work.


I have uninstalled both and same issue.

Any advice?

Thank you.

Doug Heffernan

Overwrite your forum files with those from the large 2.0.17 package, minus the upgrade.php and the .sql files. Like that all your mods will be uninstalled. Have another look at the issue. If it is fixed you can re-install the mods again.

You should also note, that if you have done any manual edits to the files, they will be gone too. So make a backup of the manual edited files, if any, as well.



Thank you for all the input so far.

Which is the best way? I am a beginner at these kind of things.

Maybe an error log hidden somewhere?

Thank you again for all the input. Very much appreciated.



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Thank you all for the help it seems to have worked after uploading the fresh files.

Thank you.